The second week of September, 2020, I posted information about cyber security course scholarships to social media, including several of the veteran and Marine Corps (I’m a Marine Corps Veteran) LinkedIn groups. The posts indicated that CyberSecurity Academy was awarding scholarships to a Marine Corps Veteran as well as a veteran of any of the other armed services.  To be considered for one of the scholarships, I requested that those interested email me and explain how the scholarship could benefit them; no gimmicks, catches, or drawings. My plan was to go through the e-Mails and make a determination as to who I thought would derive the biggest benefit based on the totality of the veteran’s situation.

The response to my posts was overwhelming. Today (September 18, 2020) I responded to e-Mail 462.

I’ve heard from veterans that have lost jobs because of COVID-19, are currently learning about cyber security, want or need to make a career change, have situations or conditions that would be conducive to an online learning environment, desire instructor led training, etc. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

CyberSecurity Academy will now award a scholarship to a veteran for every five paid enrollments received. This is good for any of our current and future courses. Maximum enrollment in our online courses is thirty-six, so we can provide up to six scholarships in each course to veterans. Several of the courses include the related certification exam, and six months access to a cloud-based cyber range.

CyberSecurity Academy will continue to work on ways that we can offer even more scholarships for our live, instructor led cyber security training to veterans, and we are open to your suggestions.

For inquiries from veterans:

All other inquiries:


We’ll see you on the digital battlefield!


Semper Fi,

Steve Hailey

Steve Hailey

President/CISO CyberSecurity Academy

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